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When German Pao was contacted by the EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® corporate marketing team to appear in a new, innovative commercial for the brand, he jumped at the chance—even though he only had two weeks notice.(continued below)

“It was an amazing experience, German says. “I was so overwhelmed by how much work goes into making one commercial!”

German’s moment of fame was the result of spending the better part of a day filming the ad at a production studio in Canada.

“There was so much stuff going on—so many people, and so much equipment,” German says. “The street was shut down and it was all because we were shooting a commercial—and I was in it!

When German saw the spot in its entirety on the air, he thought it was “pretty cool!”

“Pretty cool” can also describe the experience German and his wife Rosa have had as owners of an EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® store. In 2008, when everyone was telling them not to invest in a franchise, they trusted their instincts and purchased a store in Miami.

A young investor, German wanted to open a business early in life and be in control of his own destiny. As a former EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® guest who sent fresh fruit bouquets to Rosa, he already loved the product. With EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS®, he could get in on the ground floor and grow with the company.

“I felt it had so much potential that I wanted to be part of it,” German says. “We went with our gut feeling, and here we are—that’s what makes me the proudest!”

When German was two years old, his family immigrated to Miami from Nicaragua. When he grew up, he studied civil engineering and worked for a firm that designed high-rise buildings. Today, he not only runs his EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® business, he has gone back to work as a structural engineer. German says his store’s success is based on the fact that he never gets comfortable:

“Rosa and I don’t settle for less—we want to keep getting better and we want to keep moving forward.”

With help from the EA corporate office, moving forward could include expansion of his business.

“The EA support team gives you confidence, and comfort that you can trust them,” German says. “Having them in place and knowing the way they function gives me the peace of mind to know that if I were to expand, I have a good team that is going to help me be successful.”

At the 2012 EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® corporate convention, German was humbled by his newfound celebrity status, posing for photos with franchisees including Jack Jianyi Wang, Master Franchisee in China.

“The pleasure was all mine!” German says. “And if Edible Arrangements needs someone for the next commercial, I’d love to do it again!”

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