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The brother and sister team of Haitham Mansour and Hamsa Arminan is making its mark in the business world with a close partnership rooted in strong family values. (continued below)

Haitham, who was a finance manager for a BMW dealership, and Hamsa, who worked in the oil and gas industry as an expediter, always wanted to go into business together. The pair had already decided to invest in a franchise, when Haitham saw an ad for EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS®. He then discovered there were no EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® stores in the entire Calgary area.

“We are very close, and make 98% of our decisions together,” Hamsa says. “We agreed that we loved it, so we started researching the heck out of it!”

“It was the perfect fit,” Haitham says. “We liked everything about the company—from Tariq Farid, the CEO, to the innovative products—so we made the decision to invest.”

Haitham and Hamsa opened their first EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® store in Calgary in 2007, and went on to open their second in 2012. Haitham says he’s proud they were the first to bring the EA brand to Calgary—doing it from the ground up—and turning the enterprise into a huge success in their city. Now, the pair has plans to open another store.

“Haitham’s thinking is very strategic,” Hamsa says. “I’m so proud of my brother—even though I’m the oldest, I have learned a lot from him—he’s my hub, and our family’s hub.”

Haitham says the support from the EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® corporate office has been “amazing”:

“We don’t feel like a number—these are people who actually care, and are doing all the right things to make sure we’re happy as owners,” Haitham says. “It actually feels like a family business that happens to have grown.”

Hamsa adds that owning an EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® business has brought their family closer together. And, with their enterprise’s success, they have been able to achieve their family’s goals.

“We have retired our parents, and bought them a house—those have been our proudest moments,” says Hamsa.

Hamsa and Haitham say they enjoy so many aspects of their business, including the store environment, where they always feel like they are “in Candy Land”. But they agree the best part of their whole experience is that they have been able to help others.

“The great feeling I get from being able to employ people is undeniable,” says Haitham. “I wasn’t expecting that at first, but when it happened it turned my world around!”

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