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When Shelley Lloyd of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada decided to invest in an EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® business, it was a big leap from her job as a nurse in a long-term care unit for the elderly. But the emotional toll that line of work took on her convinced Shelley it was time to change careers, and explore her creative side. (continued below)

Shelley first discovered EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® in an advertisement in Gourmet magazine, and since she had always loved crafting and flower arranging, she thought the concept was “right up my alley.” Today, she is thrilled to be able to help grow the EA brand in Canada, and introduce the concept of fresh fruit arrangements to consumers.

“There are still a lot of people who haven’t been exposed to Edible Arrangements,” Shelley says. “When they are first introduced to the product, they definitely experience the WOW factor—that is my favorite part about this business.”

In fact, many people have told Shelley how glad they are that the EA brand is finally in their area—and with the store’s proximity to several schools, Shelley hopes that an Edible to Go® store could be in her future, with its menu of fruit salads, smoothies, FruSundaes, chocolate dipped fruit, parfaits, and natural, freshly-squeezed fruit beverages.

Shelley attributes her business’ success to aggressive marketing, and emphasizes that it’s the person-to-person contact that is her strongest marketing tool.

“We love to go out there and get to know people,” Shelley says. “We do several charity events such as golf tournaments, and we find that having people see our product in person is key. Plus, we love to see people’s faces when they first lay their eyes on an arrangement!”

Shelley also appreciates that the EA corporate marketing department—which she describes as “awesome”—answers all of her questions. Referring to a visit to her store by EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® Founder and CEO Tariq Farid, Shelley says, “It’s nice to know that your store matters to the corporate office.”

Throughout her entire venture, Shelley has been most proud of the fact that she has been able to give her family jobs. Her mother, father and cousin all work in the store—her son Devon has worked there too, and her son Justin is a manager.

“Our store is family-focused,” Shelley says. “It’s neat to be able to provide for other people, and being able to help my family is fantastic!”

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