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Matthew Best laughingly claims he was lured into starting an EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® business by his wife Kelly, who used to send the pineapple lover fresh fruit bouquets from the local EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® store. (continued below)

“When I first received an arrangement, I told her, ‘This is cool!’” Matthew says. “Then Kelly said, ‘Well, the store is for sale and I want to buy it!’ That’s how it went down!”

Kelly has a slightly different version of that story, but the couple agrees on one thing—investing in an EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® store was the best business decision they could have made.

“We always wanted to have our own business,” Kelly says. “We chose Edible Arrangements because it is a happy place—it is gift-giving that excites and pleases our customers. Plus, the beautiful arrangements sell themselves.”

Before they made their switch in careers, Matthew sold wholesale plumbing supplies and Kelly was in cosmetic medical sales.

“We both worked for corporate America,” Matthew says. “With Edible Arrangements, we can control our own destiny.”

“And we know as much work as we put into it, we’re going to get rewards back,” Kelly adds.

Shortly after Matthew and Kelly took ownership of the business in 2011, they took it to the next level by making their location a Dipped Fruit™ store. DippedFruit.com by EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® is the best way for guests to experience fresh fruit, hand-dipped in gourmet chocolate. Through a growing network of shipping centers located in select EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® stores nationwide, The Best Dipped Fruit, Period® is delivered directly to the consumer’s door.

The couple is complimentary of the corporate marketing efforts that continue to build up the EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® brand:

“It’s been awesome,” Kelly says. “They keep it exciting, and they are always ten steps ahead of everyone else.”

“That’s why I think EA will continue to grow, and why we’ll keep investing our time, effort and dollars into the business,” Matthew adds.

Matthew and Kelly’s love of the EA brand has motivated them to open a new EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® store in Independence, Missouri. And the couple doesn’t plan to stop there, with two more possible stores in their sights.

“Without our staff, we couldn’t grow,” Matthew says. “We’re confident that our employees and manager can run our current store without us being there hands-on every day—so there’s no time like the present to move ahead!”

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