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Gurpaul Ahluwalia may be one of the newest members of the EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® family, but he is already a successful entrepreneur. During and after college, he worked as a manager for a retail inventory group, and then opened his own business in the wireless industry. And now, Gurpaul knew the time was ripe to apply his entrepreneurial skills to the rapidly growing EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® franchise. (continued below)

He chose the EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® franchise not only because he enjoys the product himself, but because he is a firm believer that the market for EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS®’ fresh fruit bouquets is blooming. “This is a product that’s always exciting to receive and to send,” he says. “And I’ve noticed I’m seeing more and more Edible Arrangements stores and delivery trucks wherever I am!”

Gurpaul also notes that he’s seen the recognition of and appreciation for the EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® brand grow substantially, and he says it’s not hard to understand why:

“I’ve talked to hundreds of people and asked them if they have heard about Edible Arrangements, and they say yes, and that’s what they would prefer to give over flowers. It’s a very uplifting product; it adds to any occasion, and just makes everyone happy.”

In a heavily populated area like Queens, with hundreds of retail options for customers on every block, there is plenty of competition, but Gurpaul believes the EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® concept is unique enough to stand out in the crowd. And, he says the business will thrive in that environment:

“Healthy competition is very good--it actually sends more business to you. People will come to the area because there are so many choices!”

Gurpaul is currently hard at work building his new store into a success, and says he’s been impressed with the level of support he has received from the corporate team. In particular, he appreciates how the knowledgeable staff promptly takes care of his questions and needs, which is so important to a new franchisee.

With extensive management experience already under his belt, and the support of the Edible Arrangements International corporate team behind him, Gurpaul possesses all the tools to make the most of his latest business opportunity with the EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® franchise--and is already thinking about more opportunities down the road.

“My experience will definitely help me in this new venture,” he says. “And because I’ve always supervised multiple people in multiple locations, I can see myself opening more Edible Arrangements stores in the future.”

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