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Manny Serrano may very well be the only EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® franchisee who can look at the plastic materials used to create arrangements and know exactly what they are made of. That’s because before he invested in EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS®, Manny was Vice President of Marketing for a post-industrial plastic recycling company. (continued below)

Manny, a Vietnam veteran who retired from his former career at age 50, is certainly not ‘plastic’ about his feelings for EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS®:

“I chose to invest in Edible Arrangements for three reasons,” he says. “First, the product has the WOW factor, and I love that. As a marketing person, I know that if something doesn’t have the WOW factor, you walk away. Second, it is fruit, and I believe the health-conscious movement is growing. Third, I’ve never seen anyone disappointed in the product. People always smile when they receive an Edible Arrangements product, and that makes me feel good.”

Manny also was impressed with the EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® management team while researching the company.

“There was a tremendous amount of caring from the EA management team—there was a comfortable feeling, too,” Manny says. “I felt secure that I could ask them questions in an open, supportive atmosphere. That really sold me.”

It took only eight months from the time Manny experienced his first EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® WOW to the day he opened his store in Victorville, California—a tight-knit desert community about 80 miles northeast of Los Angeles. Manny says he is proud his store has become a respected part of the neighborhood.

“I’ll be walking on the street, and people will recognize me and say, ‘Hey, you’re the fruit guy!’’’ Manny says. “That makes me feel pretty good.”

Manny also sits on the board of the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, which serves more than 600,000 Hispanic businesses in California. He considers himself a teacher, and says mentoring his staff is the most enjoyable part of being an EA franchisee.

“I was very fortunate in my life and had great mentors who gave me the opportunity to show what I could do,” Manny says. “To see my staff develop is the most rewarding thing for me.”

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