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For those who own a business in the gifting industry, holidays like Valentine’s Day can present unique opportunities and interesting challenges. Maurice Welton is more than up to the task of seizing those opportunities and meeting those challenges, thanks to an enthusiastic and unflagging passion for his business—the business of delivering certified happiness to his many loyal customers. Valentine’s Day 2012 was Maurice’s fifth as a franchisee, so he was about as ready as can be to make his customers happy, and so were the staffs of his three busy southern Texas locations. (continued below)

“You cannot be in three places at one time,” he explains. “So you have to work the phones and go the extra mile. You have to think creatively. And you have to be in the game, mentally. Everyone’s fine at 12 in the afternoon—you have to keep your guys motivated when you’re going into the midnight hour. We came in the morning of the day before, and didn’t leave until the night of Valentine’s Day!”

It’s that kind of can-do attitude and untiring passion that has enabled Maurice to expand his EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® enterprise from his original McAllen store—which he calls “The Mothership” -- to three stores, with plans to expand to a fourth location soon.

Eager to have the freedom of being his own boss, Maurice became convinced that EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® was the answer after catching an appearance by EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® founders Tariq and Kamran Farid on CNBC’s The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch. Identifying with their passion, Maurice knew in his heart that he could match their enthusiasm, and really contribute something to the franchise. He researched the company, decided it was the right fit for him, and started putting together his strategy for success.

“I walked in the door with a plan,” Maurice says. “When I opened the first store, I knew I had to hit the ground running. There is no tomorrow. I’ve seen a lot of guys come and go because of financial issues, taking more out of a business than they put in. Every dime I get out of EA, I reinvested in EA. And I didn’t even think about a Plan B—because if you have a Plan B, you might fall back on it. I only had a Plan A. And now--three stores. The strength of the brand cannot be denied. We’ve had a poor economy for the past five years, and yet the company has grown, and so have I. Is it me, or is it the brand? I say it’s a combination of both.”

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