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After bringing a delicious, made-to-order EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® fruit bouquet to an event and instantly becoming the center of attention, Jehad Hannoush got the inkling that there might just be something special about this unique brand and its fresh fruit product line. And once he and his wife Rebecca discovered that all EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® franchise locations are locally owned and operated, he knew he wanted to become one of those owner/operators. (continued below)

Although residents of New Jersey at the time, Jehad and Rebecca had no qualms about relocating, especially given such a favorable option:

“I was trying to purchase a location in New Jersey at that time, but there were no locations available near my hometown. Instead, there was a great opportunity in Florida which was offered to me. So here I am in Orlando, with two stores and plans for a third. I moved to Orlando for this business, and the rest is history!”

After years as a computer technician, Jehad was overjoyed to take on a more people-centric role, bringing joy to the public on a regular basis. He is a franchisee who truly lives by the EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® philosophy of always trying one’s best to make people happy on a daily basis.

“It comes down to that WOW factor that we always speak about,” he says. “Nothing beats experiencing it. That will push you more, day after day, to perform and to give to the business. Sometimes I take deliveries myself when I’m short on drivers, and even after five or six years in this business, I still enjoy seeing those beautiful smiles when people open the door, or you walk into the office and they see the beautiful and delicious fruit arrangement. This is something that keeps fueling my engine.”

Jehad’s positive attitude and entrepreneurial courage have enabled him to succeed as an EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® franchisee--so much so that he was recently profiled by Fairwinds Credit Union, the banking institution he works with in Florida. With a new store in development in Orange City, his story continues to inspire.

“The more you get involved in the business and overcome any challenges the business throws at you, the more you feel how necessary it is to expand,” he says. “First you think, am I able to do it? But in time, the question becomes, how big can I grow? And it’s not just because I want to be big, but also because I want to provide that service to as many people as possible. Expansion comes naturally.”

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