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For so many of our franchisees, the EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® brand is about so much more than just delicious, fresh fruit. It’s also about making connections—with the community, with customers and with staff. As the owner of two locations in British Columbia, Michelle Carroll has definitely experienced this. (continued below)

“The customer service is my favorite part of owning and operating my own stores,” she says. “I love meeting new people, and seeing the looks on their faces when they see such a wonderful product. I love making their days, and so does my staff. We have an incredible team—we’ve created an Edible Arrangements culture, and everybody is so motivated. They have such a sense of ownership with the company.”

Michelle was running her own cake company when she made the choice to move into the franchise world, and bought her first EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® store in Langley. She says her decision to join the EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® franchise system came down to two things: products and people.

“First, I fell in love with the product—it was so fresh and had such a WOW factor to it,” she says. “And then, once I met the staff at corporate…they were so supportive, and they really believed in the product. It was such a great package that I fell in love with the whole thing.”

Today, as a trusted member of the EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® franchisee Research & Development panel, Michelle has the opportunity to share her feedback and ideas about products and more with the corporate office, and to stay connected with other EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® franchisees, too. And making those personal connections – whether it’s with her in-store staff, corporate team members, other franchisees, or her local customers – is one thing that Michelle says has been key for her business.

“I have customers who come to my store just wondering what new and exciting things the staff has planned, or just wanting to say hello, or see what specials we have,” she says. “I’m really so proud of that. It’s a huge sense of community. I just know we’re doing well, because people are coming in just to see what we’re up to, what’s new and what’s fresh. They know it’s not just fruit, but something different that’s really going to WOW them.”

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