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When it comes to succeeding as part of the EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® franchise, brothers Hashim and Ibrahim Choudhry have a unique advantage. Long before they began hand-crafting delicious fruit arrangements at their own four California locations, they were on the other side of the equation, training franchisees in the field as employees of Edible Arrangements, LLC. In fact, it was their time as trainers that prepared them to eventually become franchisees themselves.(continued below)

“Our biggest mentors in business have actually been our franchisees,” Ibrahim says. “We were trainers to them, but they were also in turn trainers to us. We were able to take their knowledge and apply it to our business.”

Starting out together as corporate employees for 7-Eleven, Hashim and Ibrahim always knew they eventually wanted to go into business together. After briefly going their separate ways, they reunited to join the burgeoning Edible Arrangements, LLC. corporate team as field trainers—at a time when the franchise contained just 30 EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® stores.

“Even when we worked as corporate employees, we always worked as if we were owners of each location we visited, as if we were doing it for ourselves,” says Hashim. “The ownership mentality was always there.”

From early on, Hashim and Ibrahim fell in love with California in particular, having done some training work at the Laguna Hills location. When the opportunity to take on four different stores in California presented itself, the decision to go from corporate employees to franchisees was a natural one. Within a year and a half, Hashim and Ibrahim had all four locations up and running. It speaks volumes about their dedication and work ethic that when complimented on the achievement, they insist that they would have opened even more if they could have. It’s a positive, enthusiastic attitude they say they developed while working so closely with the Edible Arrangements, LLC. corporate office and management team in those early days.

“We’re proud of the fact that we were able to grow at that speed,” says Ibraham. “And that’s something we took from Tariq and Kamran Farid—it’s the way they grew their business as well.”

Now, Hashim and Ibrahim get to live their dream of owning their own business, while still being a part of the organization they helped grow into a thriving franchise.

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