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For Arthur Romanov, making people happy is a serious business. And since happiness is what the EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® culture is all about, it’s no mystery as to why he so enjoys being a part of the franchise—and has thrived in that capacity over the past eight years, growing his business into a successful enterprise throughout the state of Massachusetts.(continued below)

“I’d never been involved before in a business where you’re always dealing with happy people,” he says. “Our customers are ecstatic. They’re celebrating their own occasions, or sending out arrangements to people they love. It’s rare to find a business where you’re greeted with smiles day in and day out, and that not only lifts your self-esteem, it improves your life in general. It’s a feel-good business.”

After moving from New York to Massachusetts, Arthur and his wife Yana were introduced to the business by Yana’s childhood friend, Irina Salgan, then the owner of EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® stores in Framingham and Quincy. Arthur started out as manager of the Quincy location in 2004, and by the following year, Irina and the Romanovs were partners. Today, they are the independent owners/operators of five EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® store locations. (Irina is also the individual owner of a sixth store.)

“As with any business, it takes a while to really get knee-deep into the business and learn it inside-out,” Arthur says. “That was the primary thing for us. Once we knew the ins and outs, and made that first one successful, from there it became all about how to build from that. We have a general template now.”

With a successful, vibrant enterprise, Arthur, Yana and Irina take pleasure in WOWing their customers on a regular basis. And they’re grateful to the EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® franchise for giving them the outlet through which to do that.

“Anytime I hear somebody praise Edible Arrangements, I really feel like I’m a part of it,” says Arthur. “The company has such high recognition, and it’s almost always related to an overwhelmingly positive experience. Where else do you get that? I’m proud that I can be a part of a company that makes people feel so great. That’s so self-fulfilling and rewarding.”

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