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Long before he became the EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® Master Franchisee in China, Jack Jianyi Wang already knew a thing or two about fruit. As Vice President of TOPCHEF, the biggest cherry planting, processing and marketing firm in his native country, Jack was in charge of daily operations, including purchasing, processing, marketing and sales. And though he was certainly putting his MBA to good use, Jack felt the one thing he wasn’t yet doing was delivering happiness.(continued below)

That changed the day he decided to help bring the EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® brand to China, after an enlightening visit to the U.S.

“I first heard about Edible Arrangements in 2009 when I visited my wife, who was studying in Syracuse, New York,” he remembers. “One day, I saw an Edible Arrangements van when I went to the grocery store. I found the business to be so unique that I followed the van to the Syracuse store. I bought an arrangement for my wife, and she was so happy to see the gift and taste the fresh fruit bouquet, especially the chocolate dipped strawberries!”

Determined to bring that amazing product home to WOW consumers in China, Jack looked into the EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® process and plans for international franchising, eventually becoming the Master Franchisee in China. Jack was attracted to what he describes as a “cool, trendy and profitable” business model, as well as a passionate and professional corporate team that was ready, willing and able to help him set up and expand his enterprise as an EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® Master Franchisee. In his role as Master Franchisee, Jack has the responsibility of selling EAI Franchises to the people of China. In addition, a Master Franchisee needs to support his stores with site selection, training, marketing and field operations support.

Now, Jack enjoys the satisfaction of using his prior knowledge and fruit business experience, and also of putting innovative, delicious fruit arrangements directly into the hands of customers.

“It is so rewarding to bring happiness to both the senders and recipients,” he says. “And I’ve learned so much being a part of this system. It’s growing, and really gives me confidence. It’s a business that’s worthy of my long-term dedication.”

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