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Pat & Rich Lauria’s original Rochester EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® store location is one of the longest-running in the entire EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® franchise. They’ve seen a whole lot of positive change and growth in the past seven years, but say one thing that remains constant is the support and encouragement they receive from the corporate office. In fact, that’s what first sparked their interest in buying an EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® franchise in the first place. (continued below)

They were WOWed by the unique fresh fruit bouquets and chocolate dipped fruit from the start, but Pat credits Edible Arrangements®’s CEO Tariq Farid as the number one reason they came on board.

“It was Tariq,” Pat says. “Back then, they didn’t yet have Discovery Day [a day of learning intended to familiarize potential franchisees with the company, held at the corporate office in Wallingford, Connecticut]. We simply went to the office, which at the time was in Hamden, CT, and sat at a table with Tariq and his staff. Tariq is just so charismatic, and he’s got a vision. He’s great with people.”

A computer programmer at Xerox Corporation for 20 years, Pat felt she lacked experience in business ownership. For this reason, she and her husband Rich decided that the best way for them to own and operate their own local business would be to join a franchise. After a positive experience at the corporate office, and an energizing meeting with Tariq, the choice of exactly which franchise to own became clear. Rochester did not have an EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® store at the time, and Pat and Rich were proud to bring the very first EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® store to the so-called “Flower City”.

Over the years, they have expanded their EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® enterprise to other area locations. Their business has grown with the help of the increased operational, technology and marketing support that EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® corporate has been able to provide.

“From our first store to opening up our fourth store it has been like night and day,” Pat says. “After having done it so many times before, it was a lot easier because corporate has everything down to a science at this point, with a dedicated New Store Team assigned for each store opening. And we love the national TV campaigns. Plus, now some really great local advertising materials are readily available, too, so that we can order them at whatever size we want. They didn’t have all that in the beginning.”

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