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The EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® mission is simply: “To WOW You!” And Claudine Moon and Laurie Vork are two franchisees that take that mantra to heart. Each and every morning, they remind their staff that their sole purpose is to make someone’s day. (continued below)

“That’s what we do, and if we’re not doing that, then we’re not doing our jobs,” Claudine says. “When you’re skewering 10,000 strawberries, remember—that’s why you’re doing it!”

Before she became a franchisee, Claudine was first the lucky recipient of a fruit bouquet from an EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® store herself. Having done sales work in commercial design for years, she was impressed by the visual aspect of an EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® fruit bouquet when she was sent an APPLE BLOSSOM® as a Christmas gift from one of her vendors at the time. She and her sister, Laurie, had been interested in opening a business together, and the gift clinched it for Claudine. They began exploring the potential right away.

With years of success in their original Roseville, Minnesota location, Claudine and Laurie made the move to expand to a second store in nearby Blaine, after fielding countless requests to deliver to some of the northern suburbs that were just out of reach of the Roseville store. It was a perfect opportunity to service every customer in both markets, with both territories practically adjacent to each other.

The Blaine store also offers the extended EDIBLE TO GO® Grab & Go product line, which they signed up to sell before even having sampled it. A bold maneuver intended to offer greater selection to a growing customer base; the decision was a success—and broadened Claudine’s tastes in the process.

“I admit, I had never been a smoothie fan,” Claudine confesses. “When you buy them at a store, they don’t seem worth the money, and they’re not that tasty to me. I’ve come to discover that’s because I was not getting actual food in my smoothie—until I tasted ours. I’m just completely blown out of the water by our Fruithies, and FruZees, our all natural smoothies and citrus coolers. Because they are all natural, they’re incredibly tasty, so hats off to our Research & Development Team, and everybody that created that line. And they’re very easy to sell. We’re in Minnesota in the middle of January, trying to sell frozen drinks! But people are buying them, because they taste so great.”

She was WOWed in her very first encounter with an EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® fruit bouquet, and Claudine continues to be WOWed years later, as a franchisee. It’s a sense of enthusiasm for the product that Claudine and Laurie both are more than happy to pass along to their own customers today.

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