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Chris Bukovac has been an EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® franchisee in the Columbus, Ohio area for half a decade now. After years of continued success and growth, she took the plunge at the start of 2012, and expanded her enterprise to a third location in the busy downtown area of Columbus. This time, it’s an EDIBLE TO GO® Grab & Go store—the first in the state of Ohio. (continued below)

“It’s been very different for me—a whole new product line, and a new ‘Grab & Go’ concept,” she says. “It really puts a whole new twist on what we already do. This is a whole new style of service.”

Despite a previous career in accounting, Chris says this is where her heart has always been. And now, offering a complete line of FRUITHY® fruit smoothies, FRUSALAD® fruit salads, Pineapple Pops, and other Grab & Go products, Chris welcomes the new challenge, because she is doing what she loves.

“I have always had a passion for service,” she says. “If I hadn’t been an accountant, I would’ve been a chef. So this turned out to be the best of both worlds for me. I got to use my accounting background, and couple that with my love for food and customer service. That’s really how I transitioned into this.”

Illustrating her commitment to WOW-worthy customer service, Chris enthusiastically tells the story of a woman serving overseas in the military, who wanted to order a fruit bouquet for her grandmother’s birthday. Despite the delivery location being an unusually long distance away, Chris knew she would do whatever she could to make “Edible Arrangements magic” happen. It was a small way for her to use her business to show appreciation for the men and women who make sacrifices for their nation abroad, and a perfect example of the dedication that’s been a hallmark of her business.

“I’ve never worked harder in my life, and I’ve never been happier in my life,” she asserts. “I do it because I love it. I love the EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® franchise system. It’s the best choice I ever made, and I would do it all over again.”

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