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Brenda Buelt was understandably cautious when she bought the Edina, Minnesota EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® store in October 2010. Despite her husband’s Executive MBA, she was concerned that they might not necessarily have all the expertise needed to build a brand new EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® store from the ground up right away. So, she jumped at the opportunity to learn from operating a pre-existing store, and then hopefully branch out to other new ground up locations once she got up to speed. (continued below)

After traveling for 13 years performing computer upgrades for a software company, Brenda was ready for a change. “I was on the road every week from Sunday night until Thursday or Friday,” she recalls. “I made good money doing it, but after a while, money isn’t everything. I wanted to sleep in my own bed; I wanted to see my grandson.” Becoming an EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® franchisee gave her that opportunity.

But why an EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® store?

“Why not?” is Brenda’s answer. “It’s something I can be passionate about. The arrangements practically sell themselves. And I was very impressed with the company. Corporate provides a lot of support. Tariq Farid got off a plane, talked to us, and thanked us for coming. How many CEOs would do that? You could tell he was a smart man, but humble.”

Brenda was also impressed with the healthiness of EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® products, carefully made fresh daily from premium fruit, in stores locally owned and operated. It’s a product she can be proud of, and that’s why she enjoys nothing more than helping her customers find that perfect arrangement.

Any concerns they may have had about “getting up to speed” evaporated after Valentine’s Day 2011, when the Buelts blew away the sales numbers achieved the previous year by the prior owners of their Edina store. On February 14th alone, Brenda and Jeff exceeded the volume of orders received by the previous owners for all three days leading up to the Valentine’s Day holiday the year before.

Brenda attributes the dramatic growth in order volume to their commitment to local marketing in particular. They’ve complemented Edible Arrangements®’s strong national marketing efforts by expanding on their own local store marketing program. Today, Brenda says she has robust plans to continue to increase her business at the original Edina location within three years—not bad for this former tech consultant with no prior retail experience.

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