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As any successful small business owner knows, different markets require different strategies. Sarkis Barsemian is keenly aware of this fact, and has used it to his great advantage to build his EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® business into a successful local franchise. (continued below)

Even though his two EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® stores are not terribly far apart in distance, Sarkis says the customer base is anything but similar. The first location is in downtown Montreal, in a trendy, high-traffic business center known as the Plateau. The second store, which he opened in the summer of 2011, is in the much quieter, family-friendly suburb of Laval.

“It’s a whole different tactic for each store,” says Sarkis. “At the Montreal store, the driver leaves early with all the downtown orders, so they can be delivered to local businesses earlier in the day. The production is really fast in the morning, and then it calms in the late afternoon. The suburban Laval store is slower in the morning, but then you get a lot of pickups in the afternoon when people get off from work.”

With more foot traffic in the urban area, the downtown Montreal store tends to get more walk-in customers than the Laval store, and Sarkis says the customers have different product preferences, too. Downtown customers generally look for faster, smaller arrangements (which Sarkis attributes to French cultural preferences). This is where the EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® Grab & Go product line comes in, offering last-minute gifts and treats, otherwise known as “fast fruit,” to customers on the move. Those unique customer characteristics originally motivated Sarkis to branch out from the city last year, and to open a new store to cater directly to his suburban clientele.

Sarkis himself has been WOWed by Edible Arrangements®’s delicious, hand-crafted products since he first discovered them at a U.S. store location in, fittingly enough, The Big Apple, where he once spent a lot of time auditioning and training during his earlier years as an operatic tenor. An artist by nature, he was naturally engaged by the beautiful items made to order by our FRUIT EXPERTS® fruit designers, right in the heart of New York City. He had been looking for something artistic and fun to bring to Quebec, and an EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® franchise was just the right combination of both.

“I’m really passionate about it,” he says. “I’ve always loved fruit—how could you not? It makes me feel good. Edible Arrangements is trendy, it’s original, and the products motivate me.”

Sarkis takes great pride in making each product as much a work of art as any aria he has ever sung on stage, and he’s focused his passions to give EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® customers the best experience possible, whether in the suburbs or the city.

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