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When Matt and Cindy Moore bought their first EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® store, they were in search of an enjoyable experience for themselves and their children. They had wanted a family business for a long time—someplace they could wake up and look forward to working each morning. (continued below)

“Fresh fruit, made in beautiful arrangements, is fun,” says Matt. “We thought we’d enjoy the work, and it turns out that we really do love it. We didn’t want just to own a business and run it, we wanted to actually work in it.”

Now, joined by their son and daughter, that dream has come true, with not one but two EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® store locations, and future plans for three more within the next several years.

A senior vice-president and P&L head for several Fortune 500 companies for more than 20 years, Matt first became familiar with the EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® brand as a corporate customer, sending fresh-made bouquets as client gifts during his tenure as head of sales for a division of AT&T Capital. After he was laid off, Matt decided to become a small-business owner.

“All in one very long day, we looked at six different businesses in New Jersey, and six businesses in Pennsylvania,” he recalls. “The last stop was the Edible Arrangements store in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania and that got prioritized to our number one option.”

Impressed with the clean stainless steel production area and enticing smells that greeted them in the Stroudsburg store, they were also drawn by the low-maintenance food preparation involved, with nothing to fry and no grease to dispose of. They followed due diligence, and purchased the store in short order. They knew right from the beginning they wanted to be multi-unit owners, but felt a purchase of an existing store would be the best place to start.

Starting out with a resale, then building out a new store in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, the Moores had an opportunity early on to work with different teams in the Edible Arrangements® corporate office, from Real Estate, through Legal and Compliance, and Store Support. With their help, Matt says the Moores’ planned expansion was made as smooth as possible. Part of that has been the receptiveness of the corporative office, and willingness to listen to franchisee suggestions.

“The resources are all there,” Matt says. “I couldn’t imagine opening up a retail location without the tools that Edible Arrangements provided us with. There are always bumps in the road, but the support we received was great. It made the process into a very positive experience.”

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