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Edible Arrangements® was proud to reach a major milestone last summer, with the signing of the 1000th EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® location in Duluth, Georgia within their growing worldwide franchise of locally owned and operated stores. For owners Chris and Melissa Adams, it was an especially gratifying achievement. (continued below)

Husband and wife Chris and Melissa first met in middle school, and share a mutual love of fruit that goes back to their childhood days.

“We both have a similar background,” Chris says. “Melissa’s family is Vietnamese, and my family is Columbian. Fruit is a very important part of how we grew up. Often times it was a dessert for us, after dinner. And so we both really loved it.”

Owners like Chris and Melissa illustrate exactly what we mean by WE KNOW FRUIT®! It seems only natural that they would eventually join the Edible Arrangements® team.

After looking into franchise opportunities for a while, Melissa’s interest was piqued while watching a segment on the Food Network’s “Unwrapped,” spotlighting the EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® brand and unique, hand-crafted fruit products. She and her husband took advantage of Discovery Day at the corporate headquarters to learn more about the possibilities of franchising with Edible Arrangements® and came away even more impressed with the concept. When they learned that there was a store for sale in Alpharetta, they decided it was a great opportunity, and got together with the corporate Development Team to open their first store location.

Just a few short years later, with their second store running in Duluth, Chris and Melissa are well-positioned for continued success and growth. The couple gives kudos to Edible Arrangements®’s national marketing, which is developed by the corporate office, and they are quick to point out how it has stimulated business in an observable way.

“You can always tell when the national ads are playing,” remarks Chris, “because our stores’ sales reflect it. And from a local marketing perspective, they give us great formats and information on what to do. One of the reasons why I was sold with buying a franchise was the corporate support - the fact that I didn’t have to come up with my own policies and procedures. They’re constantly coming up with innovative ideas. But you also have to come in with your own thirst and drive to be successful.”

According to Chris and Melissa, credit for their success also goes to the irresistible appeal of the products themselves. For Chris especially, with years of experience in sales, being an EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® franchisee is a breath of fresh air, and the most satisfying experience of his career.

“Being in sales my whole life, it’s nice when you have a product that sells itself,” he explains. “I can honestly say that the Edible Arrangements brand has that, and it doesn’t take much to get people interested. It’s not like carpet or textbooks, or other things I’ve sold before. This is something you can present in front of someone, and they’re instantly drawn to it.”

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