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At Edible Arrangements® our mission is to WOW you. We strive to accomplish that by hand-crafting delicious fruit arrangements from the highest quality produce daily. And for Stefanie Oliveira, who has owned and operated an EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® franchise in Newport, Rhode Island since 2010, delivering WOW-worthy fresh fruit products is something that she takes very seriously. She takes a lot of well-earned pride in her hands-on approach, making the fruit bouquets and gourmet chocolate dipped fruit herself from the very beginning. (continued below)

“I know just how important it is when people are buying for an occasion, that they’re buying something that’s going to make the recipient feel good,” she says. “So, I’m very particular. I like the arrangements to look really nice. I think people are expecting that. And, I find it to be really fun!”

As an EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® franchisee and FRUIT EXPERT® fruit designer, Stefanie believes that creating incredible products is only possible through a constant dedication to quality, above all else.

“I am 100 percent confident that I put out the best product that we can make, and that I maintain the highest quality product that I know,” she says. “Because I know how I feel when I get something from someone. I want everyone who receives something to have the same feeling, and I’ve trained my staff to have that same expectation.”

Stefanie also knows the value of providing her customers with stellar customer service—a practice that comes naturally for someone who has spent her entire professional life in retail, as a former general manager for stores ranging from Express  and Banana Republic  to Anthropologie  and Coach.

Edible Arrangements® is there to help build on that previous experience, too, with a dedicated corporate Customer Experience Manager and support staff to offer tools and guidance in every aspect of the customer experience, from making a sale by phone, to in-store consultations, store decoration and styling, and more.

With her strong retail background, Stephanie is one franchisee who knows a thing or two about customer relationships, and she still says EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® customers are some of her personal favorites.

“We had thousands of customers walk into those larger retail stores every week, and that could get overwhelming at times,” she says of her past experiences. “But here, because people love Edible Arrangements, they love being in the store, and they really love talking to you. It’s a different type of customer service. I feel much more connected to the people that come into my Edible Arrangements store than I ever did in the past.”

For now, Stefanie has devoted herself to serving her loyal EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® customers in her Newport store, but she says expansion is always on her mind.

“I’m toying with the idea of expanding and opening another store in another state,” she says. “It’s definitely on my list!”

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