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A highly successful EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® franchisee who currently owns and operates six different store locations in and around the San Diego area, Larry Greenberg brings more than 40 years of entrepreneurial and general management experience to the table. He has made a career of developing businesses, from concept to implementation. (continued below)

That business acumen and natural instinct are both part of what helped Larry first recognize the potential of the EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® franchise system nearly seven years ago.

“I knew it was headed for great success,” he remembers. “So I made the decision to be part of that, and I’ve never looked back since.

Having both worked for and run so many businesses over the years, Larry has a unique perspective on the one in which he’s currently involved. From his point of view, the corporate support provided by Edible Arrangements® is unparalleled, and helps assure the success of each franchisee. A large part of that support is in education, something Larry believes is a key to a successful franchise business.

“What I learned, I learned on the streets, so to speak,” he explains. “But there’s an easier way to learn than the way I did, and that is to get educated. This is what I love about Edible Arrangements franchising. You get educated on how to run a business and make money at it. Edible Arrangements® is the best company I’ve ever run across in terms of bringing sales to you, but you still have to take on the responsibility and be proactive in building sales.”

Larry characterizes his EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® franchise as a self-perpetuating business, which he says is a far cry from many other businesses he has handled over the years. It’s enabled him to apply his expertise, and then reap the rewards over and over again.

“One of the best aspects of owning an Edible Arrangements store is that for every arrangement we sell to a customer, there is a recipient,” he explains. “Once that recipient gets one of our beautiful, fresh, delicious arrangements, they potentially become a customer as well. It makes it easy to build our business by providing a good product, and that’s a result of this concept. Every time an arrangement is offered, it not only provides profit, but free advertising.”

Keen insight from a veteran of business development.

For Larry Greenberg, being an EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® franchisee is not only a successful business venture, but the culmination of decades of knowledge and experience:

“Out of everything I’ve ever done in my professional life, I have never enjoyed being in a business as much as Edible Arrangements.”

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