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Patrick and Stephanie Griffin complement each other in many ways. One of those ways comes from their similar work experience. Stephanie works as a marketing director for a network of auto dealerships, and Patrick has a background selling advertising for radio and television stations. (continued below)

Patrick had always been interested in opening his own business, and learned about EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® through friends. When he was younger, he considered pursuing a career in the culinary arts, so he thought investing in EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® would be a perfect fit. In 2007, he and Stephanie opened their store in Beavercreek, Ohio.

“I like managing people, and the camaraderie we have working with our staff,” Patrick says. “Also, being able to be my own boss and having a flexible schedule is great!”

Patrick and Stephanie have been married for 16 years and have two young daughters, Kelley and Katie. Patrick handles store operations while Stephanie works at her full time job, helping out with the business in her spare time.

“I like the relationships you make with the customers, especially when they come in to the store and say ‘Oh my gosh, this place smells so good!’” says Stephanie. “Working in marketing, I always say you’re looking for the WOW aspect in things, and that’s what the arrangements always give to people—I’ve never seen anyone disappointed.”

The couple is committed to that WOW factor on a daily basis:

“To me, the WOW factor means you’re exceeding the customer’s expectations, and that’s when they go out and tell their neighbors, friends and co-workers about the product,” says Stephanie. “That is worth its weight in gold, as far as advertising.”

“It also means top-notch customer service, going above and beyond what you need to do to make the customer happy,” adds Patrick.

The media-savvy couple is using their expertise to grow their business and get the EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® brand out into the community.

“Between the two of us we know the media, and non-traditional advertising is just as important as traditional advertising. We get out there and do that,” says Stephanie. “We’ve also been able to use our media connections to get exposure on the airwaves.”

Patrick and Stephanie feel very lucky that they work well together and balance each other in life, as well as in a business that’s been going strong for five years. Now that’s a recipe for success!

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