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Elaine MacDonald and Dave Nixon’s motto is to win their customers over, one at a time. They use every order as an opportunity to WOW their customers, and to be a part of their memory or story for any special occasion. (continued below)

Elaine and Dave first met in 1984, while they were employed as white water rafting guides on the Rouge River in Canada, and the couple celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary in 2012.

Before they invested in EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS®, Dave was working full-time as a buyer for a department store chain, purchasing groceries and general merchandise, and Elaine was employed by the federal government, promoting healthy and active living to Canadian citizens.

“We wanted a career change that was different and lifestyle oriented,” says Dave.

It was a perfect match, then, when the health-conscious couple invested in an EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® franchise.

“In looking at franchises, one of the things that was important to us was the quality of life we would have,” Elaine adds. “We also had to believe in the product. If we could be passionate about it, we knew we would be successful, because we would enjoy promoting and selling it.”

So, in 2011, the couple purchased an EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® store in downtown Ottawa. Dave manages the business day-to-day, while Elaine continues to work full time, assisting Dave on weekends and some evenings.

With their EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® store located in Canada’s capital city, the couple says their customers represent an incredibly diverse cross section of people—they’ve served members of Parliament and the Supreme Court, and they also have delivered to the city’s halfway houses and shelters. And, during Canada Day celebrations, they even had the privilege of making an arrangement for British royal newlyweds, Prince William and Kate Middleton!

“Our business touches all areas of the market,” Dave says. “We make it a point to instill in our staff that every customer is important, whether it’s the future King of England, or anyone else.”

“The number of stories that we’ve heard from our customers have been fascinating, and they often touch the heart,” Elaine adds. “It makes for a really interesting place to work.”

Some of their most memorable customer stories have ranged from a woman who was planning a party to celebrate her life after surviving a serious accident, to a terminal patient and his wife who wanted to thank his nurses.

“I find it amazing that our fruit arrangements touch so many people’s lives in so many ways,” Dave says.

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