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She’s a teacher, actor, author—and cancer survivor. Claudia Villarreal has overcome a lot of challenges in her life, but she also has enjoyed many accomplishments. (continued below)

Claudia, originally from the small border community of Zapata, Texas, was first introduced to EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® after she moved to Los Angeles in 2003 to pursue her acting career. With a degree in psychology, she also worked part-time as a special education teacher. Claudia was looking for a unique gift to send to her agents and managers, and discovered EA’s fresh fruit arrangements while surfing the web.”

“I fell in love with the product, and gifted it a lot,” says Claudia. “Every reaction that I got from people was positive. I figured everybody should be introduced to Edible Arrangements  , and that’s why I wanted to open my own store.”

Claudia, who has acted in movies, commercials, and music videos, started looking into the possibility of becoming an EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® franchisee back in 2005. She brought her mother Rosalva and sister Odyssa on board, and the three women formed an LLC. Rosalva and Odyssa went on to open a store in Corpus Christi in 2010. Claudia’s diagnosis of ovarian cancer threw her off course for a while, but eventually she moved back to Texas and opened her own store in Laredo in December, 2011—while still undergoing chemotherapy. Today, she is happily cancer-free.

“I am doing something that I love,” says Claudia. “I go in to work and I make people happy—that’s my favorite part of the job. Just seeing the expression on my guests’ faces when they see the arrangements makes me  smile!”

Making the switch from teaching and acting to owning an EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® business is a big move, but Claudia says the corporate office has helped her every step of the way.

“When I did the training, they made me feel so welcome and comfortable,” Claudia says. “I know I can call anytime and get answers to my questions—accessibility is number one!”

Ever the go-getter, Claudia wrote and self-published a children’s book, “The Alphabet Thief Who Stole the Vowels”. Her entrepreneurial spirit, bubbly personality, energy and hope for the future are contagious, and are reflected in her ongoing commitment to her guests:

“The WOW factor means everything to me,” says Claudia. Seeing my guests’ happiness makes me happy, and that’s what I look forward to the most.”

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