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For Gerardo and Jovet De La Torre, being part of the EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® franchise is a family affair. They first invested in their own EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® location in Guelph, Ontario in April, 2012—but their experience serving up fresh fruit arrangements to satisfied customers started long before. Jovet was originally an employee of the Guelph store, working as a lead FRUIT EXPERT® fruit designer since it opened its doors in 2009. When the original owner decided to sell the operation after having her fourth child, it was important to her to pass it on to someone on her team. She offered the opportunity to her long-time employee and friend, Jovet. It didn’t take much for Jovet to convince her husband Gerardo to jump at the chance. (continued below)

“It was a win-win situation,” says Jovet. “We’ve all always been like family here. We work together as a team, and we felt this was the perfect opportunity for us.”

Gerardo has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 30 years, and can relate his experience marketing pharmaceuticals to fruit. “It’s a special kind of product that needs a special kind of client, so we thought that with my experience in sales focusing on special clients, I could give the same kind of attention to this product, and to marketing Edible Arrangements   in our city.”

Gerardo still works in pharmaceutical sales to this day, but helps out with the EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS® business during evenings and weekends. But this is nothing new to him either--even before the De La Torres became store owners, Gerardo helped out with deliveries during busy periods. He says making these special deliveries has always been rewarding for him.

“There is not a time when someone would open the door and accept the arrangement without saying ‘WOW!’” he says. “It gives you a good feeling, and makes people smile the minute they see it.”

Gerardo and Jovet are proud of the relationship they have established with their community, and say the unparalleled support of the corporate headquarters has helped make it an “awesome experience.” And, the spectacular fresh fruit products? They help, too.

“The product speaks for itself,” Jovet says. “It's very novel and I enjoy designing them. You can’t go wrong working with fruit and chocolate!”

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